Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Doctors and More Shoes

Today I got a lot done but it didn't come easy! I spent most of the day on the phone getting Zoya on our insurance, setting up an intake meeting for Early Intervention Services, setting up an appointment with the International Adoption Clinic in Pittsburgh, contacting the Down Syndrome Clinic at Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh, and the most fun of all......trying to find a pediatrician for Zoya unsuccessfully might I add! 3 different doctors "declined" her.  I'm pretty sure at least 2 of those doctors declined her because she has Down Syndrome. The conversations all went something like this:

Me:      Hi is Dr. ** taking new patients?
Them:  What insurance do you have?
Me:      Highmark PPO Blue
Them:  Yes Dr. * is.
Me:     Okay, we just adopted her from Ukraine, she is 22 months old and has Down Syndrome and a heart condition that has been surgically corrected.
Them:  Umm let me get back to you.

Time ticks away....I call back......and bug them.....

Them:     Dr. so and so declined to take her as a patient
Me:       Okay, are there other doctors in this practice who would take her?
Them:    Yes I will have to get back to you
Me:      Okay thank you.
Them:    (getting back to me) He also declined
Me:       (hangup and call the next one)

The other conversation was similar and the doctor was taking new patients (I even said she was 22 months old) until the words Down Syndrome came out at which point the lady put me on hold and another lady came on and said, Ohh Dr. ** is only taking newborns, sorry.  Hmmph.  So tomorrow I'm back at it and after contacting friends and other parents, have gotten a couple more names to try.  If not, we will find someone in Pittsburgh to do all the initial appointments with her, and then when we get everything squared away we will transfer to someone in Erie who maybe isn't as good as what we'd hope for, but will be okay just dealing with the typical sicknesses and things. 

We did make a little time to do another shopping trip.  We bought some storage bins for the playroom and filled them up with all the toys we've already collected.  I have so many toys and therapy tools from teaching Life Skills...so it was fun to get all of those out!  We took a side trip to Old Navy :)  We found a dress on clearance that looks similar to the famous blue dress we met Zoya in.  We are going to take it to the orphanage and ask them if we can trade it and keep the blue dress.  I'd like to have the dress for the memory of that first meeting and our time there.  It is special to us.  Hopefully they will agree to swap.  I'm looking for another "winter-ish" dress so I can give the a 2 for 1 deal! Shawn told me I'm not allowed to buy anymore pink shoes (although he thought they were really cute)....so I bought a pair of PURPLE SANDALS! Hehe.  See?

On a different note.....a lot of people have asked me why the videos we posted on the blog were so short.  That would be because our connection in Ukraine was terrible and it took 10 minutes to upload a 30 second video and we were paying for internet by the minute.  So I have some longer ones that I will start posting.  YouTube is not working again tonight, so I will try tomorrow :) 

We had a nice night out with some friends and it was so great to share our experience in Ukraine.  It is amazing to see how it is moving others! We are so ready to have this special little celebrity home....she definitely has a fan club!!


  1. I never imagined it would be difficult to find a pediatrician... Hopefully you'll have better luck tomorrow - and the doc will be amazing to work with!

    Thanks for the shopping tip - just change the color of the things I purchase!!! Tricky but effective! (Miss Zoya is going to be such a fashion diva!)


  2. That is UNHEARD of that the peds are declining Zoya...shame on them!!! Seriously!!!

    You will find the right doctor...one that "gets" it and knows the beauty of a child with DS.

    The purple shoes? ADORABLE!!!

    We leave for Kiev on April 19th and get into town at 1:40 pm on the 20th. We'll have the evening of the 20th open and the whole day on the 21st and evening of the 21st if we want to try and get together. I would LOVE to meet you in person and see Zoya!!!!! How amazing would that be?!?!?

  3. I'm rather outraged that all those doc's seem to be afraid of your wonderful daughter!

    Just my two cents, but we dumped our pediatrician because even though I interviewed her and chose her, we never got to see her. We were often stuck with a P.A. Now my son with DS sees our family practice doctor who is a D.O. He is fantastic!

    The shoes are so cute. It sounds like you are having a fun time getting everything ready. have a wonderful 2nd trip!

  4. Oh yeah! Zoya definitely has her fan club!
    And once a doc saw and met her, he will join that club, too..:)
    It is unbelievable!
    But you will find the right doctor!
    Take care Christina

  5. I am not completely surprised at the doctors as we have faced the same thing with our daughter but she does not have DS. I am glad however that we have a great ped dr that will take any child we adopt with an open heart!

    She certainly will be one fashion diva!! I cannot wait to see more pics of her all dressed up!

    Tracey S

  6. I am sorry you are having such trouble. We have spent years hearing the same thing from doctors because of our choices in how to care for our children. We finally found a great doctor and then we found out he adopted from Russia and goes to our church, very small world, lol.

    Love those shoes!!! I hope you can get your dress. Good Luck.

  7. Cute shoes, again! Outrageous that the peds are turning down Zoya as a patient - that is just ridiculous and - they shouldn't be allowed to do that at ALL. So, good luck with finding a caring and generous doctor who will provide wonderful care to her :)