Monday, April 19, 2010

We Have Zoya's Passport!!

YAY....the passport came in and there are no problems with it!! From the sounds of our facilitator it almost didn't come in.  Oh I can't even imagine! Anyways, it is here in our facilitator's hands! We visited Zoya for her last orphanage visit this morning and told her all about how we are breaking her out later today!  One of our favorite caregivers said goodbye to us and was squeezing my hand and almost crying.  I asked if we could take a picture of her and Zoya but she didn't want a picture taken of herself.  We asked her if she'd be around at 3:00 and she said no.  She just kept saying, "good people" and putting her hand over her heart.  She said "success," I think she was saying good luck.  I know she will miss Zoya very much but is so hapy to see her find a life outside of the bars she has been behind.  We came home, ate a quick lunch, and have been packing and getting ready for the train ride to Kiev ever since. 

Our plan is to spring Zoya t 3:00.  Our facilitator is not going with us so we will walk home with her! We have to be back to our apartment and be ready to be picked up by our facilitator at 4:00 for the train, which leaves at 5:30.  Since we won't have much time in between, I'm not sure I'll be able to post about our Gotcha Day until we arrive in Kiev tonight around midnight.  That is 6pm home sorry you may have to wait until then to see Miss Zoya being sprung from the orphanage!!!

We are so very excited that this day has finally come! Zoya has no idea what is in store for her!! Next stop, Kiev....and then....hopefully soon after......AMERICA! Please keep praying that the ash cloud will break up and airports will be reopen.  We are working with our travel agent to see if there are any other possibilities...maybe fly south first and then west to the U.S.  Right now the problem seems to be Germany.  Ukraine airports are open but only flying certain routes.  We told our travel agent that we don't care where in the U.S. they get us long as we get to the U.S.  We have some missionaries in Kiev that are affiliated with our church if we get stuck in Ukraine for longer than expected.  They have offered for us to stay with them.  Also a friend in Iceland has some friends in Germany who have offered to let us stay with them should we get stuck in Germany.  We are hoping and praying that will not be the case, but it makes us feel a little better to know we wouldn't be stranded at the airport for days on end with our newly adopted daughter. 

Less than 2 hours until we break Zoya out forever!!


  1. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praying that everything goes as planned with the entire trip. Can't wait to meet my new grandchild. Love all of you. mom

  2. Yeah so happy for you. Safe travels.
    Kim and Mathew

  3. The excitement continues!!! So happy for you!!!!
    Love, Liz

  4. I love waking up and reading about your family. The first thing I do in the morning after devotions is to check my email and see if Russia has gotten back to us, no such luck yet, then I go to your blog and it makes me so happy I forget my disappointment about my email. Thank you for that.

    I count the hours and know that soon I will hear again from you and hear more about your adventures and life with Zoya. I am so very very excited for you.

    Congratulations! It's a Girl! Happy GOTCHA day!!! Be blessed!!! Hugs!!