Friday, April 23, 2010

Somebody Pinch Me!

Even though I'm exhausted, I'm choosing to blog instead of nap (4 hrs. sleep last sleep the night before, but it's overrated right?). I'm choosing to blog because I've followd many adopting families journies and so many of them seem to drop off the planet after they return home with their children.  I always wonder how they are I promised myself, for everyone reading, and to keep our story documented for the future, I will do my best to continue to blog our transition to our new life with Zoya. 

Since we got home I've gotten these strange sudden feelings of realizing how real this finally is! I feel like I need somone to pinch me and wake me up! I can't believe that she is here, with us, where she belongs....after all the obstacles, tears, difficulties, tough days, doubts, fears, and unknowns.  The entire process we felt as if at any moment someone could tell us something was wrong, she wasn't ours, someone else got her file, she isn't adoptable, we didn't have the right paperwork, we missed a deadline, she can't be ours.  Even since we've been home, those feelings still creep up and then I remind myself nobody can ever take her away.  We not longer have to apply, audition, prove ourselves, beg, or plead for her to be our daughter.  She is here, in her home, with her family.  She never has to go to bed sad or alone. Now she has a moma and daddy to rock her to sleep and kiss her chubby little cheeks.  She has family, love, belongings, and a whole bunch of people who love her and can't wait to meet her and be a part of her life!

Okay, backtracking to the day we left Ukraine.  We slept about 4 hours that night and were worried sick our flight would be cancelled.  It wasn't.  They gave us a hard time at the airport because we didn't have Zoya registered with them (the travel agent told us we could just do it there), but we did finally get her a lap ticket.  She fell asleep for the first hour of our first flight (total length 3 hour flight).  She was pretty happy most of the flight.  We had a 7 hour layover in Frankfurt and she started getting pretty cranky, as we had woken her up at 2:30am to go to the airport.  We got stuck at the security checkpoint and everyone was asked to go back upstairs and wait.  Apparently they found something they thought could be a bomb in someone's luggage so they closed down for a while.  Zoya started getting pretty cranky!  We had to find a spot on the floor to change her as a whole bunch of people were crowded in a little space all just waiting. In Frankfurt we let her crawl all around the floor, took her for some moving sidewalk rides, and met some people and shared our story! Finally it was time to get on our longest leg of the journey from Frankfurt to Philly....8 and a half hour plane ride.  She slept the first two hours! Bonus! But then for the next 4 or 5 hours she just was not having it! She was crabby, tired, squirmy, and sick! Shawn walked her around the plane, then I did, nothing was working.  She cried a little bit (pretty loud) but it wasn't a constant cry so that was good.  I almost cried at one point when I realized we still had over 4 hours to go and I was crashing, tired, stressed, and worried about Zoya.  We made it through though and got to Philly for a 5 hour layover! We ate some pizza and cookies! YUUMM American food! We fed Zoya and went to wait at our gate.  We met a woman whom we shared our story with and she was crying! Zoya fell asleep right before the third and final leg of the trip (under 2 hour plane ride) to Erie. She slept the whole time!

Zoya laying on the empty seat next to us listening to her music old school style like a boom box! Ha!

Sleeping :)

We got the bulkhead seats and so we had a bassinet for Zoya on our long flight.

Even though she fit, she chose to scoot down and hang out her leg and arm! She is one crazy sleeper! All over the place when she sleeps!

And when we arrived in AMERICA (in Philly) we saw this at our gate:
A DOUBLE RAINBOW!! AT THE END OF OUR RAINBOW! What an awesome sign from God!

When we got off the plane we were exhausted but felt so excited, relieved, and over the moon with our new girl! We knew a few friends were meeting us at the airport, but we had no idea how many people would be there! They were holding a big yellow banner that said, "Welcome home Zoya." As soon as we saw all our friends and family we both started crying.  I did the ugly cry face as hard as I tried not to!

(with Grandma!)

American Girl!

Here are some pictures from our first night and day home:

Sleeping in her bed. She slept from 1am until 7:30 and has taken 2 naps today.

Getting ready for breakfast!

Loving her Jeep Walker!

Splish Splash she was takin' a bath!

More playing!!

So happy...lacking words to describe these moments.  They will come to me after I have some sleep!


  1. What a testimony of God's Grace!! Home - Loved - Safe! The world may question why you would chase across the globe for a castaway baby, but praise God - we get a glimpse of His heart - chasing after us, sinful, wretched, dirty and worthless! What love! What amazing love! I am SO HAPPY that you are home. Pray for the rest of us as we wait... and struggle to go get our castaway kids...

  2. So if you think you will get lots more sleep with a baby, think again! Sarah, you look pretty good for having traveled for more than 24 hours straight, I'm impressed, Zoya is smiling like she just hit the lottery. Good luck, things will settle soon.

    Sue and Kevin M.

  3. The RAINBOW!!! Over all, over all you went thru....What a message, a sign of HIS love from our faithful and mighty GOD! What a WELCOME to start a new life as a family of three at HOME under HIS RAINBOW!!!
    Thank you for the photos, it is so WONDERFUL to see you FINALLY all together at home!!

  4. Yay!! I'm so glad I got back on to check your blog and got to see all the new pics. Glad you decided to not sleep and post LOL :) It is so great to see her home Finally!! I'll have to remind myself once we get home with Mina to get on and blog for everyone elses sake since I know how much I've looked forward to reading your blogs each day :)

  5. I am so so happy for you guys. Zoya looks so very happy. I am glad you had safe travels and are finally home with your daughter!!

  6. You always make me cry! Good tears, promise :) I am so honored that you shared this with me. Thank you, as tired as you are you are blogging. Thanks!!! Be blessed!!

  7. wow this is so great you are home look how happy she is how Gods grace is all over her. and The RAINBOW!! wow!

  8. Zoya's right where she belongs! She looked totally at ease in HER house with HER things! :) So very happy for you all!!! Thanks for continuing to post!!!


  9. How unfair that you still looked good after that flight!
    Oh, and your little girl is pretty cute herself :)

    Welcome home.

  10. So glad you are home with your bundle of joy, the rainbow just got me. Absolutely a sign from God. Zoya looks like she have always been here, so comfortable and that smile is just amazing. She is certainly telling us all just how she feels...Love to you all, Debbie N

  11. YAY!!! I'm so glad you are home with your precious Zoya! Also glad for the opportunities you had to share your story with so many people. And the rainbow...AMAZING! it must feel so good to have her home...even though it must seem slightly surreal between the sleep deprivation and all the hangups and tests and whatnot along the way. can't wait to meet her!

  12. Oh what a wonderful, precious gift from God. I am just in awe of you two and the journey you so bravely conquered. Congratulations and best wishes as you continue to bond and adjust. I will keep you in my prayers.

  13. Rainbow! Absolutely PERFECT! What a great welcome home message!

  14. Welcome home Basile family! Glad to hear you are home and the stressful weeks,months are over and she is safe and sound as your daughter. And can I say, Love the rainbow, very ironic that we have found our "first"children through RR and there are 2 beautiful rainbows at the end. He works in mysterious ways. Talk to you soon. Love the pictures, she is certainly happy. Your friends in Florida, Kim & Tom Baumann, Adopting Vanya #11

  15. Thank you so very much for blogging through your fatigue for all of us out here who have been following your journey! Very gracious of you! Your American Girl is finally home where she belongs, thanks to you, the Salem family answering God's call!!!!! Praises of joy!!!! Mona

  16. Oh how my memory is failing me, I so apologize! The Bastile family, the Bastile family, the Bastile family!!!!!!!!!

  17. Oh the rainbow!!! What a sign!!! I love all the pictures. Zoya is so happy! Thank you for everything!!!! You are a Godsend to us...thank you for opening doors in this region...for being such fabulous role models!

    By the way, what size is the dress you donated to the orphanage that Sofia wore yesterday? I'm wondering what size she is :)!!!

    xoxoxo Welcome Home!!!!

  18. We are so happy and proud of the both of you! Cassidy has followed you the whole way through pictures and loves the videos of Zoya! She says welcome home to Zoya! Please let us know when your freezer is empty we will make you dinner! Talk to you soon mommy and daddy!
    Love Carrie, Brent and Cassidy

  19. Debbie W is using Alyssas password, I am so amazed at the strength and faith that God has given to you both. He really showed is powers upon you guys and Zoya. She is such a lucky girl to be chosen from many other children. to be your daughter!! This proves to all of us that God is in charge. Listen to him and he will quide all of us to happiness!! love you guys and I can not wait to meet Zoya. Maybe just maybe one day next week!!! Do whats best for all of you. May god continue to bless all of you with continued patience faith and love !! XOXO