Thursday, April 15, 2010

No Passport Tomorrow :(

Well we just got the call that the passport is just now being printed in Kiev. That means it will not be here by tomorrow :(  Apparently the office in Zoya's region delayed doing their part of it so that is why there is a delay.  The good news is that it is being printed right now.  Marina says she is 90% sure that it will be ready Monday...I'm not sure why only 90% but I'm annoyed.  I asked her, "So we should plan on getting Zoya out on Monday?" And she said, let's not make any plans.  Hmm doesn't sound promising.  I know it only makes one day difference in when we will return home (as long as it IS ready Monday) but I was just really hoping to have things go "normal" for us for once.  Yes I'm having a pity party for myself.  I'm just tired of waiting and waiting and still not knowing that we will even have it for sure on Monday.  I'm also beginning to wonder why people pray for actual events to happen as they would wish when it seems that God does what he wants or thinks is best anyways.  We did tell ourselves we would pray mainly for peace in God's plan but obviously have prayed that things would move quickly too.  I can't imagine it is God's plan to see Zoya in the orphanage for one more second!  If the passport is not ready Monday...well that just won't be good.  I thought just for one part of this process that we would meet the typical timeline for something.  I guess not.  I shouldn't be upset, I know it could be much worse.  The situation in Russia right now reminds me of that.  There are many families in the process of adopting from Russia and because of one stupid America who did something really dumb, all the other children and families waiting will suffer.  I know several families who are in the process to adopt from Russia and have already been through the ringer, so this problem is terrible and could delay things quite a bit for them.  Our delay is just a small delay (hopefully) and we will be home with our girl soon...I guess my pity party is over now.

We had good visits with Zoya today.  We took her outside for both the morning and evening visit.  There really is nothing to do inside.  I wish they had a carpet or something for her to play on.  All we can do is hold her or sit in the chair with her and it makes the visit tough when we stay inside.  Not to mention it is about 90 degrees inside.  Seriously it is hotter than Splash Lagoon (to my Erie friends).  When we go outside we walk around the orphanage about 99 times either carrying her or having her in the stroller.  The playgrounds here are from like World War I and there is nothing that Zoya is able to do, even with our help (other than a swing that she half falls out of even with us holding her in it). One good thing that happened today is that they let us trade 2 new dresses we brought for the blue dress Zoya was wearing the first time we met her! Even though it is only a dress it holds a lot of emotion and represents the day our life was changed forever and our journey to bring Zoya home!

Here is Little Miss Zoya getting ready to go out...I think she looks like a little Teddy Bear.  Her hat and coat are 12 month size and she is swimming in the hat! Even the sleeves on the coat are a tad long.  This girl has ODD proportions! Short arms (typical of kids with DS) but long legs..hehe.  The jeans we put on her are 18 month size and are perfect in length but too big on the waist.  They are the adjustable waist ones so I will have to play around with that and see if we can get them to work.  Good thing summer is coming and she can wear shorts and tshirts where the length doesn't matter so much :)

Zoya looks awake right? She's not!  Hehe...we got her to wear the sunglasses since her eyes water so much in the sun.  When she realized the sun wasn't in her eyes she had no problem keeping them on.  Soon after putting them on she fell asleep.  We thought it was a good plan to keep people from knowing she was sleeping.  We even had a binky in her mouth for the first part.  One of the ladies came up and reached to lift up her sunglasses...uh oh busted.....NOPE....Zoya opened her eyes just in time!! That was a close one!


  1. Hi Sarah,
    I'm thinking of you and praying things go smoothly for you now. Keep the faith my friend! You, Shawn and Zoya are amazing!

  2. Sending waves of strength, patience, hope, and love to the whole Basile family. What doesn't kill you really does make you stronger...I knkow it to be true...just keep gazing into those amazing blue eyes and know that you will make it through all of this, and ...I believe that God is just as frustrated as you are about this whole process:-)Liz

  3. Sarah,

    I am one of those families not able to adopt our little girl in Russia because of what that woman did, BUT.. I am here to tell you that you are entitled to your feelings. Just because we are going through something doesnt make your delay any less. You are upset and rightly so, I would be too. I am feeling those feeling right along with you. I too have thought about our prayers and what good is it if God just does what He wants, but He is good, I have to remember that.

    Hugs to you.

    Be blessed

  4. Your feelings are so much understandable!
    When the end of something becomes reachable, then it is often much harder to wait just a little bit more, even you were never so close...
    We now PRAY definitely for Plan B!!And for courage, hope, patience, joy, whatever you need for the following days!!!

    I am so glad for you, you had the chance to change your clothes to get Zoyas lovely turkis dress. I hoped so much for this. It is something "touchable" from that historical day, when you first met your little beautiful angel.
    Beside a personal diary and a photobook, we always make a "rememberbox" for "our" children, when they move to their new family. Beside many things from their first months with us, we put always the childrens first outfit (what they wear when we take them home from the hospital) and the clothes, when they meet their adoptiv parents for the first time, in that box. (often a BIG one...:)
    We also ask the new parents, if they want to choose other things, like a dress, or toys... whatever, which is important for them. This "treasures" means so much for them and later for their grownup children.

    All the best! Greetings Christina

  5. Boy you guys have definitely been on my mind the past couple days with what has exploded back here at home with the little guy that was adopted and returned solo. I am praying that it is not affecting and happy to read that you're just experiencing minor delays.

    I love the sunglasses on her, good girl for opening her eyes just at the right moment. :)

  6. Sending prayers as I really hoped this trip would be a quick one but I guess God had a different plan. Sweet lil Zoya will be home before you know it!

    I had to laugh about your comment about Splash Lagoon.....We have been there a few times and made comments about how hot it was inside there!!!

    Tracey S

  7. How frustrating! :( Praying that Plan B will be THE plan and that you'll be on your way home with your sweet potato next week!

    I will never leave you nor forsake you.
    Hebrews 13:5

    Praying for encouragement for you today - YOU AND SHAWN ARE SO STRONG and are a great example for us!


    (Zoya is adorable in her little purple glasses and pretty pink coat!)

  8. So, spend the weekend doing all those things you thought about doing when you brought Zoya back to her homeland in 10 years. Think of the money you'll save by going to DisneyWorld instead! :-) Sorry that Plan A isn't flying, hoping for Plan B.

    Sue M.