Sunday, April 18, 2010

Zoya's Beads

Tonight we went to see Zoya for our last evening visit before we break her free! She has been getting a little bored with the same old toys we've been bringing so I tapped into our airplane supply of new interesting things to keep her busy.  I got some mardi gras type beads thinking she'd like to play with them.  These are her favorite so far! In fact, she liked them so much that when I tried to take them from her (thinking we'd play a "find the beads" game) she had a full blow temper tantrum and let out the loudest cry/yell we've ever heard her make! At first I didn't connect it to the beads and I was like what the heck.  Well the second time I took the beads the same thing! Shawn and I were laughing so hard because we'd never seen her act this way before.  I tried to get it on video and succeeded a little.  I can't upload the video now because this internet connection is slower than a turtle...but when we get home I will.  It is so the video it isn't as bad as the first two times but it is still pretty funny.  I had no idea she was already so attached to them! Here are a couple pictures from tonight of Zoya and her beads. 

When we arrived at the orphanae tonight I peeked my head in and saw something unusual.  Usually when I walk in I see all the babies/children in cribs and the caretakers too busy doing anything else to actually give any of the kids one on one time.  When I peaked in two of the caregivers were sitting on the couch with Zoya right there in a little bouncy seat.  She had 2 on 1 attention!  I'm not sure if it was because she was sick, or because she is leaving tomorrow and they wanted to spend some time with her seeing this will be the last time they see her!  I was a little shocked to see them both paying so much attention to Zoya.  I can tell that some of the care givers are so excited for Zoya to have a moma and daddy and a forever home.  They have been so kind to us the past couple days (or is that because we are leaving soon? hehe).  Either way, it is pretty cool to see their attitude toward us change. 

Speaking of changed attitudes, last night when we were at the orphanage we noticed another family there visiting with a little boy.  It appeared to be this boy's mom and his grandparents.  The boy appeared normal on the outside so I'm not sure if he had special needs or not.  Each time we walked by them they just stared at us...not covertly either! We smiled at them each time and kept on our way.  We found the couch in the hallway and planted ourselves there to play for a while.  The woman who looked like this boy's mother walked by us a few times just staring.  Zoya waved at her and I was like You Go Girl...Show her whatcha got! She just kept staring.  Shawn was like lady what is your problem (not our loud...but under his breath). On their way out the woman came up to us and started speaking in Russian.  I said, sorry we speak English.  She said "What is your name?" and pointed to Zoya.  We said "Zoya."  She said in the nicest tone, "HI ZOYATCHKA" (that seems to be a term of endearment to add "atchka" or something similar to the end of people's names...some of the caregivers also call her that).  She really wanted to communicate something to us, or maybe ask us something, but the language barrier prevented that from happening.  She said, "you have email?" I said yes.  She said, "I want to ask about health of Zoya."  I'm sure she was referring to Down Syndrome because here they see kids with DS as sick children.  They even call them that.  I figured it can't hurt and maybe I can open this woman's eyes and if this is her son maybe give her courage to take him home....a long shot I know.  So I gave her my email and she walked away and smiled and said, "Good Luck."  So we will see if she emails me...I hope so because I'd like to know her story and I'd love to share our story with her!

Off to pack and prepare for GOTCHA DAY!!! Oh so excited :)


  1. What a special encounter to have during your last official orphanage visit! It seems God has used you to open many eyes during your journey! :) Such happy news!!!

    We can't wait to see your Gotcha Day photos!

    Sasha is going to miss you so much! :)


  2. Hi Sarah,Shawn and little miss Zoya,Just a reflection of how many lives God has let you encounter! Not one of them from youngest to oldest will ever be the same. It is amazing how God uses us for His glory. Every detail has been orchestrated by Him.Giving praise with you on the eve of your Gothcha Day!! May God give you strength beyond all understanding. Love and prayers, Kathy Sheldon


    So happy for you :)

  4. Dear Saratchka, I will be thinking of all of you and praying for a wonderful Gotcha Day! Love, Liz

  5. Thinking about how every day is Gotcha Day for us when we know that God has us in His arms. So excited to hear that in just hours you'll be taking Zoya out to begin that long-awaited trip home. The journey will only be beginning, we know, but what a ride. Praying for peace and comfort for all of you and improved health for Zoya on the trip home.

  6. I have been counting down the hours until it is Monday there and you have your baby in your arms for her never to return there again. Im so excited!!! Is she feeling better? I have been praying. She looked really good in the pictures. Good Luck with this week. be blessed.

    BTW-My oldest daughter Trinity(age 9) came over to me while I was reading your blog. She wanted me to write her name in Russian, while I was she saw your baby. She said oh Mom shes such a pretty baby. :) I told her about you and how Zoya will get to come home now. She was excited for her.

    You know I just thought about this...she never ask if something was wrong with Zoya, she didnt see any imperfections, she just saw a beautiful baby. I love that!

  7. There is an article on the news that they will start flying through the dust clods on Monday. Hoping and praying that you get out of Europe on time. It's probably a good thing that you didn't try earlier, you would be sitting in an airport with the thousands of others waiting to leave. Bon Voyage!

    Sue M.

  8. so happy the last visit has happened!!
    tomorrow is d-day :)
    woo hoo!!!

  9. 2 days ago , you thought Monday would not come soon enough! Almost there...God Bless you guys & stay with you through this last part of your journey. Sending love, thoughts and prayers for safety and promptness to get the 3 of you home! and also to take care of those you leave behind. Love A.Suzie

  10. Just so you know you were prayed for by the entire church today! not to mention you and shawn's pictures on the big screen from when you were baptized! :) We are all praying for a wind shift or something!
    Heather h

  11. Well, it is officially Gotcha Day now, 7:10am Zoya time! Just trying to imagine the excitement you must be feeling...and sending out prayers, Liz

  12. Hey, Sarah,

    I am trying to catch up on your blog, as I started reading it just a few days ago. I found it funny with "Zoyachka" :) You know, it means "little" in Russian, it is widely used for children or a nice person. I am from the Baltic States. I wonder what the caregiver meant by asking you, are you from the BS? Because neither your name or surname seem familiar to local names here.