Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Medical, Visa, and Life with Zoya

Last night Zoya bounced around acting like a kid at Disney World for the first time until about 1:30am! She slept on the train for about 3 hours and then we woke her up when we had to get her dressed to get off the train.  She slept a little in the car but once we got to our apartment she was wide awake and so excited.  She loves the big bed! Rolling around, boucing, and just smiling away! She finally fell asleep around 1:30 and slept through the night until about 7:30 this morning.  She is a mover in her sleep...kicking and tossing and turning.  Shawn and I didn't get much sleep since we are sharing our bed with her.  That is our only option, we have one big bed in our living room and no crib or anywhere else that would even be an option.  We woke up around 5:30 and had trouble sleeping.  Zoya was snoozing away...coughing a lot in her sleep.  Her cough doesn't seem to be getting better, we are giving her cough medicine 3 times a day.  I hope it clears up soon.  Anyway, we layed in bed until Zoya woke up and then started getting ready. 

We were told to be ready for 9 so we rushed around feeding Zoya, giving her her first bath (YAY)..oooo she smells so good!, getting ourselves ready, and eating a little something.  We never got picked up until about 10 and then went to get Zoya's medical.  When Nico picked us up he had another couple in the car with him. They had tried to leave out of Kiev airport for their flight back to the US for their 10 day wait, but it was cancelled.  Nothing seems to be moving out of Germany to the US, which is where our connection in on Thursday.  It doesn't seem that there is any availability with any other connection, such as Madrid, since so many people have been stranded and are trying to get home.  This couple was told they the earliest they could get a flight out would be Friday and that would only get them to Germany, from there they will have to figure out a connection to the U.S.  So although the news is saying things are moving again, it is not the case here for our route just yet.  We are hoping and praying that come Thursday morning, all flights will resume and we will be able to get home! It is not easy in this little apartment to entertain a very active baby all day long! We are going to venture out tonight, maybe to TGI Fridays or this little Ukrainian cuisine restaurant and stop at a toy store we saw on our drive here. 

Anyway, after we got picked up we were taken to the medical clinic for Zoya's visa medical.  When we walked in it was the worst waiting room nightmare I've ever imagined.  We were worried, but Nico got us in quick.  Zoya weighed in at 24 POUNDS! Woah! I think it's all in her little belly and her cheeks! The doctor didn't do much.  Just checked her heart and lungs and filled out some paperwork...$110 later, we walked out.  When we walked out, one of the waiting people said in a really snotty tone, "OOOhhhh Ammeeerrrrricans." She was mad we got to go in so fast and they had been waiting.  I'd be mad too but I don't think they were paying $110 to be seen either! It is interesting to see all the stares and whispers when we have Zoya out in public.  She just waves at the people who stare at her and I think it shocks most people.  Next we went to the U.S. embassy to fill our paperwork for Zoya's visa.  We were told it would be ready today but it now will not be ready until 2pm tomorrow.  Good thing we were unable to book our flight Wednesday due to the lovely volcano...because we'd be going nowhere. 

We can't wait to get home and are feeling the stress of thinking we could be here another week if things don't clear up.  Here are some pictures from the train ride and from our apartment.

This is us with our amazing facilitator Marina

Zoya on the train

Looking out the window on the train

Sleeping on the train

In her comfy cozy jammies

Wide awake at 1am!

"This is so cool...we never got to do anything like this in the orphanage." -Zoya

Playing on the floor in her cute cat-bum jammies Aunt Jen bought her.

She can pull her feet all the way to her ears!!

An update on Zoya's clothes sizes.  We originally thought her foot size was between a 4 and 5 from tracing her foot on a piece of paper.  So we bought mostly 5's and one pair of 4's.  The 4s keep falling off, so I will have to buy a couple pair of 3s.  She wears both 12 and 18 month clothing.  The pants that are 12 months are a tad short, but they work.  The pants that are 18 months seem to be a better fit, but sometimes too big around the waist.  For shirts, the 18 month shirts are too long on her arms, the 12 month length seems to be better for her arm length but then they are too short.  So all around I'd say 18 month size is the best for her now....we will just roll up her sleeves.  We thought it was the opposite, but she has short arms and long legs. 


  1. So great to see Zoya (and you two:-) ) on my computer again this morning! Hang in there! Sleeping with a sick baby is something you will do again, so it is good that you are getting practice already...We are waiting for you Zoyatchka...Love, Liz

  2. Man, you guys are SO lucky! She is such a bundle of happiness :)

    You are going to have so much fun with her in your family!!


  3. It is so great to see that baby in clothes that are hers. She has ARMS AND LEGS!!!! She was always so bundled, can you imagine what they would say seeing her in short sleeves, lol. You are so blessed. I loved all the pics and the update, I have some news for you as well but I will email you. Take care. Praying for a quick return.

    be blessed

  4. I second Linnea... SHE HAS ARMS AND LEGS! I almost don't recognize her without a snowsuit and 5 layers on.. she must be so happy! Those little feeties are too cute. Don't you just want to munch on them?

  5. How wonderful that you at last have your precious girl in your arms and no one can take her from you!!! She is so beautfiul!!! Reading through the Gotcha day posts and this one at times I had tears in my eyes from pure joy for you all and others a smile on my face especially when I see Zoya's big smile!! Her smile is so contagious!!! So happy for you all!

  6. Glad to hear there is some progress. Will keep praying that you can still fly out as scheduled. As far as sleeping...or I'll say lack of...part of the package. Zoya appears to be resiliant...lets hope you can get her home healthy. When I flew with bad cold,asthma, bronchitis, I was instructed by Dr to use nasel spray (certain kind with certain ingreediant in it, can't remember) She said it was very important so as to not break my eardrums in flight(with the pressure etc) Check with Shawn, maybe this might be something you should try with Zoya. You may already be doing this. Love, A Suzie

  7. so so cute!! love to see you in Kiev and one more step closer to home!!! tomorrow the visa and then HOME!!! Will be praying the cloud goes away so you can fly home :)

  8. It really does boggle the mind to look at the pictures of her with all the new experiences that she's having just being outside the orphanage, it must be amazing to her. Life inside an orphanage for almost 2 full years and then out and about with two great loving parents. How great is adoption! What a wonderful new fascinating world she will be exploring, you're right almost like a newborn, that's for sure.

    Definitely feeling your pain of the crying episodes it breaks your heart not to know what is wrong and what you can do to help them out to soothe them, we had one of those nights last night. Even at 22 months old our little one in the house isn't using many words other than "eat", going thru the entire kitchen we couldn't find one thing that she wanted until I pulled out the freeze dried blueberries and chex cereal, go figure! Finally back to see at 5 am!

    So so glad to hear that you're making progress in the way of the medical/visa. Praying that the skies will clear up and not get worse allowing you guys to make progress on your travel home.

    Praying for all of your safety home.

  9. She is such a cutie! She seems so happy! Still praying that the transition is easy for her and she gets settled soon at home! Hope you get to fly out soon!

  10. So glad you arrived safely in Kiev, medical check went well, and she is one happy baby!! 5-10 min. of crying can seem soooo long, but God Bless You, if that is all, she is a GOOD baby. Good lucK with the sleeping arrangement. She is probably wondering what you are doing in HER bed LOL. Hoping for safe flights home so you can rest in your own beds. Zoya feels your love, she smiles like you are the greatest. ASB was just thrilled to see the pic today of Momma and Zoya so cute in pink. Seth was not as impressed when I showed him. He did say your name and his cute little version of Zoya. Gotta love that. We are all praying for your safe return. Visits should be limited, but please promise to keep up the blog, it is addicting to get to see that adorable baby everyday. Take care, Love to all, Debbie N