Sunday, April 11, 2010

Paka America

We are leaving in an hour and a half to fly almost 5,000 miles yet again but this time to bring home our angel girl! We've been up running around like maniacs trying to remember all the last minute things.  Shawn just went to get some Draino as it appears our sink is pretty clogged...great timing on that one :( Yesterday we bought some final things for our trip.  My favorite were 3 mini American flags for our return to America! We're not even gone yet and I can't wait to be back! I keep trying to picture us home with Zoya here and it seems so surreal.  It seems almost impossible that after 7 months of paperwork, tears, troubles, and a bunch of lessons along the way, that this is really finally happening! I can't wait to get on the plane with her and take off from Kiev into the sky where no one can slow us down any more or stop us from our new life together. I know either Zoya or I will be crying like a baby...maybe both of us!

So Paka America....for now....but we'll be back soon and with a lot more than we took over :)


  1. Paka. Have a safe flight and beautiful trip. I cant wait to hear how Zoya reacted to seeing you again and the airplane and all the emotions. 7 months! Wow! CONGRATS!

  2. Tears of joy. Paka and may it all go smoothly and quickly.

  3. Hey girl..sorry I didn't get to call you before you left, crazy week but i don't have to remind you of that either. LOL. Have safe travels and we will definitely be in touch when you get back with Beautiful Zoya and settle in. Kim & Tom Baumann, Adopting Vanya #11