Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 20, the night before court #2

It is about 7:15 pm here and I don't know if either of us will sleep much tonight.  We are getting picked up at 7:50 tomorrow morning and will wait at the court house for about an hour while our facilitator runs around picking up all the other people who have to be there again (prosecutor, social worker/inspector, orphanage representative).  Court is at 9am (as long as the judge is on time), which would be 2am home time.  We were able to work our a flight into Buffalo instead of Erie and it is "on hold" for us IF court finishes tomorrow!  For those of you who haven't traveled yet, I can't tell you enough how amazing Golden Rule Travel Agency is.  They are used to working with adoptive families and Eldon is simply wonderful! The thought of coming home is so great, but I try not to think about it for too long because we really have no idea what will happen tomorrow.  I don't want to get my hopes up, but of course they already are.  We are all thinking positive and the important people are saying they "think" everything should go well tomorrow.  I guess it all depends on which side of the bed the judge wakes up on and if he had enough coffee or not.  The other family who was here is turning down their referral so it's back to just us at this orphanage again. 

We visited with Zoya tonight and she was so stinkin cute! She is babbling more and imitating sounds and small words.  She is giggling a lot and happy to see us when we come.  I just wish we had a room to play with her in...with something other than a cement floor.  She is very distracted with all the workers in and out and she ALWAYS has to know what is going on around her!  We got a couple cute videos tonight of Little Miss Zoya. 

In this video, Zoya thought it was hillarious when I tried to pull the binky out because it made a funny sound. Then she would bite down on it so I couldn't get it and laugh even harder when I tried to pull it out but couldn't! At the end you can see her turn around because she heard someone behind her.

This is another cute video of Zoya running from Daddy in her walker. At the end he scared her but didn't mean to. She thought it was funny and cracked up!

And some pictures....
So Happy!

Okay, Blogger is having issues I will try later to upload the other photos...check back!


  1. She is such a beautiful child. I will keep praying, can't wait to hear. Be blessed.

  2. Praying hard that tomorrow will be the day!
    I love the video clips they are just wonderful!
    Not sure if you have noticed how much Zoya has changed sometimes as parent we do not see the changes, as much as those that are not seeing the day to day it's like she is a new little person.
    Zoya knows her Mommy and Daddy love her and her personality is very visible.

    Prayers and Hugs : )


  3. don't they have a play room for you guys to go in and play?you should see if they will give you a tour of the place let you see where she eats, sleeps, plays. will they do that ?if so take lots of pics. I will be thinking about you guys all night and will pray for you.

  4. Praying for you guys tonight, your tomorrow! I have a great feeling every thing will be a GO! Zoya is sooooooo cute!!!

  5. Just so you know I am setting the alarm and will be praying the judge sees you in all the ways we know and love you. Zoya is ready, the giggles are so amazing. She truly is your baby. Just waiting for the judge to say yes. Love to you all, Debbie

  6. Only 3 hours to go... We hope you're getting some rest! Praying that everything goes the way you hope today!!!


  7. You have court in a little over an hour. I'm pulling for you. praying for you!

  8. Praying for you today!!!!!!! Cannot wait to wake up in the morning and hear the news!!!