Monday, April 12, 2010

In Kiev

Almost 24 hours later we are in Kiev....still not our final destination in Ukraine, but we at least made it here. Right now we are in "Uncle Nico's" office just hanging out until our train leaves at 5:30 (Ukraine time). On our longest leg of the trip here, Shawn and I got stuck in the 2 middle seats in the middle row and his tv didn't work hehe.  It was quite squishy and made for a long ride.  I of course sat behind the guy who lowered his seat into my face about 4 times and the guy behind me didn't want me to have my seat down (as he tapped me on the shoulder and motioned for me to put it up) so I was pretty claustrophobic! Security in Germany was crazier than last time.  We had to go through 2 complete security checks.  Shelly they took your diet coke :( But they let us take our huge bottle of whiskey for our facilitator! Hmmm...that was strange.  Last time we were allowed to take water and such through, but this time they took the diet coke...I know you've been waiting for that sorry :( Shawn and I both got stopped at the first security check...nothing new for me but it threw Shawn for a loop.  2nd check the beepers didn't go off and the guy looked at me very suprised it didn't go off...I thought the same thing since every other security check on all of our travels so far has been set off by me!

Our train to Zoya's region is leaving in a couple hours and we will arrive around 11:30pm Ukraine time.  We are pretty tired and hoping to be able to sleep a little on the train.  We don't know if we will be staying at the same house we stayed at before or what. We also haven't heard about the power in the vital statistics building.  Hopfully it is back on now!

Will update when we get to Dnep.  :) One step closer to our girl forever!


  1. Hi you two, What a long journey for you both but the end result is oh so sweet! Hope you get some rest before you see Zoya tomorrow! Seth was upset that I said he was my baby.He emphatically said NO Pulley baby:) He will forever be yours too!! Love and prayers,Kathy

  2. Glad you got there safe. Be blessed!