Wednesday, March 10, 2010

2 Days to Go and a Wild Morning!

Ahhh...first day off from work...slept in, had some breakfast in bed, and lounged around for a while.  YAH RIGHT!!! I WISH! This morning was CRAZY!  We had planned on going to the bank to withdrawl our travel money.  We had planned to get there around 9:30.  This morning I realized my phone was dead, gone, finished. 

We went to Verizon hoping they could just replace the battery or some kind of easy fix.  No such luck.  It was not coming back to life.  So they were going to replace it for free since we have insurance on it.  My phone is pink, they didn't have any pink so they wanted to order one and it would arrive in 2 days.  I explained that we are leaving in 2 DAYS and I needed a phone like right now! I told them I would take a different phone and I didn't care if it was pink.  So they sent me to another verizon store that had a silver version of my phone (apparently the replacements don't come with a back so my phone is now half pink and half silver...pretty unique!)  So we go to the other Verizon...already 30 minutes late for the bank appointment.  And once we got there, oh wow, I had no idea what we were in for.  "Rodney" had no idea how to do his job, or how to speak to customers, or how to be polite, or how to use manners. I stood there and actually thought, "I feel really bad for this dude's teachers he had in elementary school, he must have been a nightmare."  We explained why we needed the phone NOW and told him we were leaving the country for an adoption.  His response? (This is by far the STUPIDEST adoption question I've ever been asked and never imagined someone would ever say this). Rodney gets a confused look on his face and says (with long pauses between his words), " are......adopting.........a............KID?"  What I wanted to say was, "No Rodney, we are adopting a GOAT." What was he thinking?

Anyway, he totally screwed up the phone and I got into somewhat of a shouting match with him, which is not like me, but I can only take stupid and rude for so long.  He was being outright RUDE, so I was rude back.  Not my best moment, but Shawn told me later he thought it was pretty impressive (LOL).  So its about 11:00 at this point and we are an hour and a half late to the bank and have been at Verizon for 2 hours.  We tell him we are going to run an errand and that we will come back in a half an hour and ask him to keep working on getting the phone set up since he couldn't seem to figure it out. While we are at the bank, Shawn gets a text on his phone from my friend, Jen.  Jen wants to know why some man just called her phone from mine. Apparently Rodney called Jen's phone and said, "Is somebody trying to get a hold of ME?" Jen says, "Umm no, but this is my best friend's phone." Rodney says, "Oh" and hangs up on her.  Hmmm.  I was so fuming mad that when we left the bank I had Shawn go in because I thought I might try to scratch Rodney's eyes out.  Shawn comes out 2 seconds later with a phone that was completely screwed up and wouldn't work.  We go back to the first verizon and spend another hour and a half there and FINALLY I have a working phone (with no phone numbers now but oh well).  Ahhhhhh, ok I'm off that soap box now.

Today was difficult for me.  It gave me anxiety to withdraw almost all of our savings.  When I'm anxious I try to see the humor in things.  The woman at the bank was filling out paperwork for our withdrawl and looked at my hubby and said, "Occupation?"  And he said "Pharmacist."  I looked at the pile of money she was about to hand over and said, "Or 'drug dealer' will work too."  She cracked up.  When we returned home, we were reminded how much God cares about us and that he is steering this adoption ship.  We received a check from Reece's Rainbow with our grant money, and a check from "unclaimed money treasury department." Apparently I never cashed an insurance check over 5 years ago (I had filled out some paperwork months back about claiming it) and they sent it to me TODAY.....2 days before we are leaving.....TODAY....the day that we have $40 in our checking account.....TODAY...the day we questioned how we would make it through financially.  The check was for $150 and will definitely help with some of our upcoming costs.  Going into this, the financial aspect of adoption was the only factor that kept us from committing sooner.  Along the way, God has provided at just the right times in just the right amounts.  I have been blown away.  I don't know why I ever thought He couldn't do it.  I can't believe we almost let financial worries take this gift away from us.  A couple days ago, some of our friends came over and dropped off a card for us.  When we opened it and it had a check for $237.48 and the card said, "here is our spare change that we've been saving since we were married to help with your big change!"  Simply amazing.  God spoke to us in the beginning and told us that he would take care of the finances.  He sure has. And we just know he will continue to do so when we return home with our precious cargo!


  1. hugs honey!!!
    you are SO close!!
    we will definately meet up in the middle :)

  2. Sarah....I'm not sure I will get to the computer tomorrow night. Long day at work tomorrow. But have a FANTASTIC trip. I can't wait to read up on it and see Miss Zoya's current pictures. We are almost there. Waiting on USCIS completion now. So we are getting much closer to getting our Vanya!! Again..have a FANTASTIC trip and I look forward to talking with you when you get back. Kim & Tom Baumann

  3. WOW Sarah!
    That was some day. I know how things can get 'over the top' stressful before the trip. There is so much anxiety and anticipation all mixed together.
    Better days are ahead, soon the anxiety will melt away and your sweet dreams of this little angel will be a reality.
    Try to sit back and enjoy's a time you will treasure forever!


  4. I am thrilled for you!I was crazy the day before we left getting things together making sure everything was in are there!Soon you will have her and all the craziness will fade away.

  5. God is so good all the time isnt He? I laughed so hard I burst into tears while reading your blog today. Emotions are a bit raw these days as I am sure you can understand. Hugs to you and praying for you 3!!!Welcome to mommyhood!