Thursday, March 25, 2010

Our Humble Abode

Here are the promised pictures of our current living conditions :)

The outside view....looks pretty nice right? :)

Here is the bathtub whose only purpose is to drain the water from the washing machine. (That little blue and white bottle by my glasses is travel Lysol...don't leave home without it!)

Our kitchen...I'm thinking this is the new style in know the "aged" look...what do ya think?

Here is our shower.  My creative way to not have to have my feet touch the moldy outdoor carpeting inside the shower! It is still prickly, even through the bags I layed down! To my friends who are waiting to travel for their adoptions...I'd invest in a pair of shower shoes :)

Here is the throne.  Since it isn't a squatty potty I will be thankful and not complain too much that you can barely close the door without your knees hitting it haha.  You kinda have to sit sideways :)

Here is our kitchen table and the place of many funny conversations between Shawn and I. The kitchen is in a seperate part of the house than all the other rooms.  It isn't heated like the rest of the house either.

The orange beast! Our couch. 

Although our accommodations are a little different than what we are used to, we are so very thankful to have a roof over our heads and be within walking distance to the orphanage.  This has saved us A LOT of money! We miss the comforts of home, but this is a small price to pay for our Zoya girl!  Hopefully soon we will look back at these photos with smiles about the memories we have made!


  1. So great to get a visual on how you are living! You guys are ROCKSTARS!!! Really! You are amazing. Thanks for the email answering my many questions. You are helping us sooooo much. A Godsend!

  2. Where to start? Looks like 1960's Motel 6.

    "Travel Lysol"? Hmmm, can you buy that by the gallon?

    You 2 are tough, you can get through this! Keep praying.

    Sue and Kevin Moczulski

  3. Um, the colors are nice?



    (thanks for the tips - shower shoes... check! Lysol... check! super size albuterol inhaler... check!)

  4. Good thing you like camping!!! I would die before I would go camping. You need to add flashlights to this list...and maybe a few power bars for nutrition. I am surprised you are getting tired of the Plymouth pizza and wings! So glad you both have a sense of humor. Still praying all will work out for you in record time. Keep your spirits up, Love to all, Debbie N

  5. I have to remember all you have said to bring in all your posts. I went out and bought a few things from your older posts. Still praying over here. You just sit back and relax and enjoy your baby. I am so excited for you, it wont be long now, huh. Hugs!!!