Sunday, March 21, 2010


During our visits it’s getting a little harder to keep Zoya entertained in our small little area with the same old toys! She wants to do her “slither” across the floor and be on the move, but she isn’t allowed to be on the floor unless she is on the blanket. She keeps trying to escape from the blanket so she can move around on the floor. Hopefully it will start getting warmer out so we can take her outside more. Tonight there was a new care taker who thought her job was to watch T.V. the whole time instead of paying attention to the kids. So sad. Our favorite care taker, Valencia, was there and we showed her our photo album from home…she enjoyed seeing Zoya’s family, house, and bedroom.  A couple of pictures from today of our sweet girl.

Right on the other side of the orphanage walls is a complex where the area’s professional soccer team lives and practices. It is quite ironic to see the stark contrast of this wealthy complex butted up against the run-down orphanage. The two buildings look very strange next to each other. It is sad to see so much money being spent over the fence and not enough money to make necessary improvements, updates, and repairs to the orphanage. You can see in the pictures that barbed wire separates the orphanage walls from the soccer complex. I asked Shawn, “You think that is to keep people out of the orphanage or out of the soccer complex?” He laughed and said, “Uuhh, I think it is to keep people out of the soccer complex.” Yah stupid question…give me a break, I’m tired! Anyway, my point was that it is unfortunate to see the excessive indulgence of one group of people while another group could be made better if they shared their resources….instead they turn a blind eye and the less fortunate group continues to suffer. We also see examples of this in America, but it was very awakening to see such an example within such close proximity to one another. Is there someone in your own backyard that you could share your resources with? I know my answer. Here are some pictures:

You can see the barbed wire and the team's busses.

The soccer complex is the yellow buildings past the trees.  You can see the orphanage off to the right of the picture.

Another picture of the soccer complex from the "other side" of the wall.

Please say some extra prayers for us tonight.  Tomorrow we may find out what judge is assigned to our case, and hopefully soon we will hear our court date as well.  We are hoping everything will happen quickly so we can get home with our precious cargo!


  1. I guess that kind of thing happens everywhere. The wealthy stay wealthy, while the poor stay poor. Very sad. Said many prayers for you and for your Italian friends as well. More for the orphanage also. Hang in there, God is with you. Kris

  2. That really is so you know how resources or money can be donated directly to this orphanage? I feel as though I cannot see this and do nothing. :(

  3. very sad priorities!
    Saying prayers for you all!!

  4. We'll continue to pray! :) We hope you get good news tomorrow regarding your judge.


  5. PRAYERS PRAYER PRAYERS!!!!!! For you and Shawn, for Zoya, for the caretakers to remember their priorities, for the mother you saw yesterday, for the Italian family, for Sofia somewhere in there, for all the orphans and for the orphanage and the country to make this process easier and faster for all involved. PRAYERS!!!!!

  6. Lord I lift up Shawn, Sarah and Zoya. I pray that you would allow them to have a good kind judge that has a heart for you. I pray that the court date would be soon and would only be one day. I pray they will be quickly approved and the waiting period would be waived. I thank you so much for them and for the caretakers that took such good care of sweet Zoya. I pray you would bless all the people involved in helping unite this family. Thank you Jesus and in Your name we pray. Amen.

    Hugs to your family. I love hearing all your updates. Blessings