Saturday, March 27, 2010


Normally on Saturdays and Sundays we are allowed to visit for only an hour in the morning (instead of the usual 2) and an hour in the evening.  Today we managed to whitle our morning visit down to 45 minutes because we got ready for this?......busted letting Zoya SLEEP in our arms.....oh my I know you're thinking how could they let that precious baby sleep when she was tired? haha.  When we got caught the care taker came out and took Zoya from us and said, "Dasvadayna," which means Goodbye! The woman was bouncing her and blowing really hard in her face to wake her up.  We kinda laughed, got our stuff and left.  In the future we will be more careful to shield Zoya's sleeping face from all.  I cannot stand to see her so sleepy in the morning and not let her sleep.  I know we have to do things their way while we're here, but I refuse to shake her and blow in her face when she starts to fall asleep.  UGH.  When we walked in, I peeked into the groupa room and saw Zoya in her play crib.  She was standing up in the corner of the crib, leaning against it (pretty impressed if she pulled herself up to stand) and she had her head tipped back and she was balancing a stuffed animal on her face!  At least we know she can entertain herself! 

We did get a couple of pictures in our short time today!

Zoya loves sitting by this window (and she loves her Daddy!)

We realized we only have one picture of the three of us since we've been here! So we tried (somewhat unsuccessfully) to get a few more.  If only Shawn's arm was a foot longer!

And just for fun....we bought a bagel looking thing that was bigger than Shawn's head :) Now if only we could find cream cheese he would be a very happy man!

Please continue praying about the interpol situation.  It *should* be cleared up Monday, but around here a promise is worth as much as a used toothbrush (sorry that's the first thing that came to mind...hehe).  If court is finished on Tuesday and the judge does not request to see us on Friday to finish court (and the interpol is good to go on Tuesday) then we will likely try to come home (if the wait is not waived).  If court finishes Tuesday, instead of a 10 day wait, it will actually be 13 days because of where the weekend falls.  During that 13 days we would not be able to do anything here in the area of paperwork.  We originally planned 2 trips so we are still somewhat unprepared for one long trip, but could make it work if we had to.  During our time home in between trips, we had planned to schedule some doctor visits for when Zoya does come home with us, get some early intervention meetings going, get her on our insurance, and buy some clothes now that we know what size.  We also didn't bring much with us for Zoya this trip because we were almost certain we would come home in between trips.  My great friend Shelly who just got here for her adoption was so kind to bring clothes and things for Zoya so we don't have to worry so much about that part.  Coming home would give us a much needed break and a cure for our homesickness and it would help us to feel more prepared for bringing Zoya home.  The only pro to staying here...and it's a big one...would be that we get to see Zoya every day and continue bonding.  Many parents who went home in between said that leaving for that 10 days didn't seem to make a difference in the bonding in the long run.  So we are praying for some clarity for what we should do, but are leaning toward coming home in between (if the 10 day wait is not waived..which again is unlikely, but not impossible as many of you remind me each day :)


  1. Good morning from the Sheldon/Cody clan, Hard to believe you can get in trouble for letting her sleep! I am jealous - she sleeps:) Although Seth is getting a little better:) I know it feels as if you are in your own little world and everything outside is still going on like usual.I felt that way when Seth was an infant in Pittsburgh.It is only for a season of time and it will soon pass. We love you and will be in prayer for clarity in making your upcoming decisions.Have a wonderful afternoon visit with Zoya!! Love,Kathy

  2. This precious girl is definitly yours - I love your familypictures! Thanks!A new family, created by your Heavenly Father! A miracle!! it touches us over and over again.
    Here in my country many people already pray for you all, that next week everything will go smooth and you are able to SOON go HOME with Zoya.(So you can let her sleep, whenever she wants to sleep...:)oh my...!!
    I wish you wisdom and clarity for the decision to stay or to leave for these 10 days.
    Greetings of love to you
    Christina and family

  3. Those family pictures are soooooooo beautiful! And the one of Shawn with the "bagel" is pretty special too! Haha! Still praying, Liz

  4. Just wait until she comes home and doesnt get shook or blown at. That poor lil gal needs some sleep to grow. I wonder if she isnt getting a restful nights sleep? Still praying for you. I hope you get your 2nd visit with her.

  5. Great Pics! Maybe you should start taking appts for your followers to come and see you guys and beautiful zoya!I got 20 dollars that get me bumped up a few spots on the list :) Love reading the blog every day! So does Cj! she says show me more pictures of zoe! i say zoya...cj: oh ya! Praying for you all!

  6. That family photo is so beautiful. I can't wait until her life is on her own schedule, instead of the orphanages. She was meant for you.

  7. Yowza. Letting a sleepy baby actually sleep? The horror.

    Praying that you get your regular Sat/Sun visits with Zoya for the rest of the weekend and that you have wonderful news re: Interpol on Monday. Also praying that you have peace re: your decision about whether to stay during the waiting period or return home and prep for Zoya's homecoming.

    It is so clear from the photos that Zoya adores you both! :) Lucky parents! :)

    Go out and find some cream cheese for that monster bagel!


  8. Keeping watch over the # of babies in her baby house, making certain they all eat, play get cared for and sleep through the night is a job I wouldn't want! Because, you ask? I'd let them sleep, eat, and play whenever they liked: hence, it would be chaos!!! It's brutal I know, to see how the "schedule" is maintained, but so very soon, your precious Zoya will "be in charge" of HER schedule!! Praise be to God! I am so very happy for you. PS, Is Zoya in orphanage 13, by chance? My future grand-daughter is in 13. Her name is Aly! Love to you all....Mona

  9. I bet they have a strict schedule and if they let one of the children fall asleep then that means they will not sleep for nap time and that would mess up the schedule. I know it sounds harsh but I'm sure it is what they have found that works for them. It would be hard to have that many babies and not on the same schedule. i do childcare and I try my best to get them all sleeping at the same time but would never shake or blow in their faces. soon she will be home and you can put her on what ever schedule you want or just let her make her own. blessings to you all three of you.

  10. Yes that is why it is sad...because that schedule is in the best interest of THEM, the caregivers, and not each child.

  11. OMG, wake a sleeping baby, I think not!!! I am too childcentered for that nonsense. I know you are in a tough sitruation, but at least you chuckled, now that is self control! Your Zoya will quickly be in your arms forever, and she can sleep, grow, eat and play to her own schedule. Thank God she has had such good care, she is absolutely a picture of health, and may her good health continue. Prayers to both of you for your pending decision, Please God, waive the wait, it has been far too long. The family portraits are adorable...Love to all, Debbie N.

  12. A beautiful family!!!
    LOL @ the bagel...loooks good!

  13. Are you kidding? Those family pictures are beautiful! Praying for you all and for good things to come in the next few days ahead.

  14. We got in trouble for letting our little boy sleep too. I am sorry for this whole Interpol thing. I do hope it actually gets taken care of on Monday.