Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 10 in Ukraine

Tired and weary today.  Still waiting to hear about the judge.  Maybe today is not the day we will hear.  We got to see a couple of the other kids today....the crying seemed a lot worse....sad and pitiful cries and screams almost the whole time we were there.  They came and took Zoya for her "massage on legs" again and we could hear her crying from where we sat.  It was a hard pill to swallow to know our baby was in pain and we couldn't do anything to help her. 

Zoya loves to feel her face on ours. 

Kinda dark...she like to do this while I am talking so her chin moves up and down and it looks like she is's pretty funny!

Taking a stroll with her daddy (we couldn't go outside because it's raining here).

There was a group at the orphanage touring it for some reason.  They looked like high school kids.  They came into the area where we were sitting with Zoya.  Most of the kids looked at us kinda strange like what they heck were we doing.  All of the kids went into Zoya's groupa room and saw all the other babies.  I wanted to sneak in myself since we have not yet seen that room (other than a peek here and there).  I noticed two of the girls came out crying.  I'm sure they were not prepared for what they would many children crying and sad and without parents.  Strangely I felt good that they were crying.  Maybe this generation will be the one to change the "hide these children away" mentality here.  When all the kids came back out one asked in English if she could take our picture of us and Zoya so we said yes.  She asked where we were from and it was nice to have a short English conversation.

Our daily grind:  wake up, get ready, eat "breakfast" (usually a protein bar or something), visit Zoya, try to have a conversation with the care taker, fail miserably, say "paka" to Zoya, go to the market, try to read lables on things, fail miserably, get the same old thing we've been buying every time we go (white cheese that is okay, bread, eggs, maybe some roasted chicken, water, coke "light"), come home, figure out what to make out of spaghetti, eggs, and chicken, listen to some music, update the blog, take a nap, get ready to visit Zoya, visit Zoya, say "paka" to Zoya, come home, try to figure out what to eat for dinner, update the blog, watch some DVDs, shower, go to bed.  You are jealous I know....hehe.  Oh I hope this cycle breaks soon, we are so happy to be here because the gift at the end of the rainbow is better than any other gift, but this road seems long today.  Hoping to hear some news soon...its almost 2pm here already.


  1. I know the cycle all too well :( It is so amazingly tiring :( At least we have a few restaurants here. Was hoping you had heard about the judge, praying for you guys :)

  2. Hi Sarah and Shawn,Just read the update.My heart goes out to you both. I see you with Zoya and play the videos over and over captured by all of the love that is shown by the few seconds of video or the still photos.WOW! I'm with you maybe the next generation will not turn a blind eye to this! I know you both have not and you are our next generation!!! Continued prayers for strength! For it is only by God's grace and grace alone that any of us are here! Love, Kathy Sheldon

  3. Still praying. Waiting stinks. We sent our petition to the Russian court to adopt Faith last week, still waiting on approval. Its a bit nerve racking. I pray your wait is over by the time you read this and the judge has a heart for children and the court will be next, 10 days waived and if not maybe pray that you could see her those 10 days and they go by fast then you are home with your princess. I can not wait to be where you are. Be blessed.

  4. Your daughter is gorgeous!! So beautiful!! (You already know that, tho)
    Thank you so much for allowing me to follow along on your journey to Zoya. What a precious girl!!!

  5. So cute, and very touching photos. We say a prayer every day that your good news will come, sooner than later. Sue and Kevin Moczulski

  6. We are praying daily for you guys. Is there anything nearby that you can do to break up the routine? A movie theater? A shopping center? Might need some retail therapy :)??? xo Jen

  7. Jen-there is NOTHING near here...30 minute drive away there seems to be the center of the city but I have no idea what is there and unlike other regions RR families have gone...there do not seem to be any restaurants with English menus.

  8. Oh Sarah!!! That has got to be so isolating. If there is ANYTHING I can do to help you during this time, let me know!!! Can you do some online shopping then?!?! :) Have you tried a restaurant and ask for the things recommended on the Ukraine guide that RR put together? Just hoping to brighten your day today.