Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 9 in Ukraine

I woke up this morning a little home sick. I miss my comfort zone. I miss my doggy snuggles and kisses. I miss American food. I miss my bed! I miss a hot shower. I miss hearing people having conversations around me (in English). I miss my friends and family….so many things I miss. It feels like we have been away at least a month! It feels like we flew out of Erie so long ago. We have only been here 9 days. Feeling somewhat like groundhog day movie this morning, we got up and got ready to go see Zoya. Once I saw her all those other bad feeling subsided. She is why we are here, she is what matters, for her we would live here for a year if we had to, we would give up everything else in our comfort zone. She was happy this morning to see us. She had a cute little green dress on…we decided on the purple bow today. Here are some pictures from our visit:

She just loves her Daddy!

She initiates kisses all the time. 

We are playing "pass Zoya" from myself to Shawn.

Playing the same game...from Daddy to Moma

She wants so bad to walk herself, but if we let go she would fall.  We call her spaghetti legs!

I love how the sun is hitting her face in this picture.

Zoya likes how soft this Taggies book is.

When we got back home, I uploaded the latest pictures. I set our “Ukraine Photos” folder to a slideshow with music. Shawn and I sat and watched every single 165 pictures we have taken in the past 10 days. It was a weird feeling to already be looking back on parts of this process and parts of our trip. We looked at the picture that was taken of us standing outside the Erie airport looking so happy, excited, nervous….without a clue how much this angel would change our lives in just the 5 days we have known her. How could we become such changed people in just 10 days? We looked at our airplane pictures and saw the excitement on our faces. We looked at our “Welcome To Ukraine” pictures and so many feeling came back. While we looked at pictures of Zoya over the last 5 days we were amazed to see how different she looks from the first day until now…just 5 days later. We can’t believe how a little love has changed her appearance. Looking back on our “met ya” pictures, and comparing them to our pictures from today, this change in Zoya is nothing short of a miracle. Each day she loves and trusts us a little more. She has come alive before our eyes and I can’t wait to see how much more she will continue to grow and change having felt the love of parents and family. It seemed a little odd to look at some of these pictures with nostalgia already. I said to Shawn, “Maybe someday….long from now….we will want to come back here with Zoya and visit.” He agreed. Then I thought to myself, you’re absolutely crazy for thinking that after feeling so homesick this morning! That is how this journey has been….a roller coaster of emotions and a heart bubbling over with a greater love than we’ve ever known. We will be forever changed after this journey…we already are forever changed.


  1. I know exactly how you feel!! I was that way on Thursday, but it does get better!! We hope to have court this next week and then home!
    It is like living in a dream, feels like it is not real life :)
    So happy your visits are going so well :)
    she is such a beautiful little girl.
    Still praying for good news tomorrow :)

  2. She just lights up for you. and I love that picture of her standing. She'll be up and walking in NO time once she's at home with mommy and daddy!

  3. Loved all of the pictures.Kaleigh is even following Zoyas blog, she gets on everyday.I'm out here at Tracey's. I loved the comparison picture of You Sarah that is priceless.Keeping youns in my thoughts and prayers.Love Aunt Marianne.

  4. The sunlight looks so nice on Zoyas beautiful face. It seems like GOD shows you his presence again and again with HIS light. (Like on your very first meeting in the orphanage when you met your little angel....)
    The LORD is the LIGHT! HE may "warm" you up, as you are far from home and you experience feelings never know before.
    I wish you GODs peace for every single moment.
    Praying! Christina

  5. Your family is beautiful. Zoya is such a gift from God. You are so blessed to be with her. Praying. hugs.

  6. I remember your wedding day like it was yesterday! I thought to myself, I have never seen those two so happy! And, I find myself thinking that again today as I look at the new pictures. I am so happy for you guys and I'm glad your connection with your baby girl is wonderful! Renee

  7. Hi you two, Seth was a handful so we had to come home from church! I couldn't wait to see if you posted! WOW! She is so beautiful and so are you both!The joy and excitement that shows on all of your faces is priceless. Praying for good news tomorrow for the judge and court date along with all your other concerns. God knows every little detail and will supply it. Hugs from all of us. Kathy S.

  8. I remember thinking about the movie Groundhog Day as well! Try and enjoy it while you're does pass quickly, and we were there a month! I really got to know and love the country that our little boy is from, and I will always relate that fondness we felt in Ukraine, with him, through out his life. It's wonderful to have a positive connection between your child and where they came from.

    She looks so happy and at ease with you. Like she's always been with you. And vise versa :)

    Adoption is beautiful.

  9. She does just light up with you! Keep your eye on the goal and that is Zoya and hopefully those daily visits will keep the home sickness away! Big hugs to you guys!

  10. Sarah and Shawn,

    Thank you so much for keeping everyone updated on your journey to adopt your daughter. I have to tell you...reading this is so emotional...I can't even imagine what it is like for the two of you actually living it. It is so awesome seeing the pictures and videos and seeing how Zoya is really connecting with you. I'm thinking of you daily!

  11. Sarah and Shawn,
    I just finished showing the last weeks worth of pictures and blog writing to Grandma Pulley. She was so happy to see Zoya and you guys. She said to tell you that she can't wait til you bring Zoya home so she can give her a great big hug and kisses. She also said that you are going to have a very difficult time if you have to leave her for the 10 days. We are all praying that you get a compassionate and loving judge.
    Love, Aunt Janice

  12. Dear Sarah,
    I can't begin to tell you how I look forward to your words and your pictures...this journal is a treasure...I am continuing to pray for you each day. Liz

  13. Sarah, Shawn and Zoya, So excited to see this little one with a book in her go girl! I can not imagine how tough it is to face this everyday, but remember, I have seen you in action. You are an amazing person, and we know Shawn is too because you two are such a special couple. Sarah, as a young teacher, you encountered many obstacles as you set up a new classroom in a new building. You have always been child centered and what is best for the child. You hang in there girl, if anyone can get through these obstacles, it is YOU. Just pretend you are camping!!!Keep the updates coming. Zoya is a beautiful little angel. Love and prayers to all of you. May the judge realize you are an amazing couple and fully deserve to be a united family. Take care, Debbie N.