Friday, March 12, 2010

We are Off!

Our bags are packed and we are as ready as we'll ever be!! I am going to miss my sweet Mya girl sooooooo much.  In fact, she thinks she is going with us :(  See?
My poor baby...she looks like she is saying, "please take me with you."  I will miss her doggy snuggles but I know she will love her little sis once she is home.  She might be mad at me for a while but she will thank me in the end!

If you think of us today we could use some prayers and happy thoughts! We are off! I will update when I can!


  1. Praying for safe travels Sarah!!!
    I can't even imagine how excited you guys must be!!!!!!! :)
    Karrie in IN

  2. That way she will be even happier to see me!
    Love ya

  3. Awe, poor girl! But it will all be worth it :)

    Good Luck~ Safe Travels!

  4. I am so happy for you guys and so praying for you guys at this very moment in time! You guys Rock! heres to baby zoya...and i bet you know what i will be talking about at church this sunday with the sman!!!!!