Monday, March 29, 2010

T-Minus 18 and a half hours....

Tomorrow at 3:30 Ukraine time (8:30am at home) we will have our court hearing with the judge.  We need extra prayers tonight that it goes well and this will be our only court date.  If it goes well, and the judge does not request another court appointment, we are planning to fly home on Thursday!! If court is finished tomorrow like we are hoping, then we will have 13 days to wait where we won't be able to do any paperwork.  That will give us about 8 days home to get some things taken care of and try to cure our home sickness! It would be a nice chance to recharge our batteries before coming back here to bring Zoya home forever! If the judge requests another court date, that date will likely be Friday and then we will not return home as we would only have 10 days to wait, which would mean about 5-6 days at home, which wouldn't be worth it.  Please pray tonight and tomorrow morning around 8:00am that the judge will have all of the information and documentation he needs and we can officially become Zoya's parents! It is strange...when court is finished (hopefully tomorrow) we will officially be Zoya's parents but not be able to take her out of the orphanage until the 10 day wait expires (unless it is waived!! which would be a true miracle!).  That is just how it works here. 

Our visit tonight went well.  Zoya actually stayed in the stroller without crying for an hour! This strawberry vibrating teether has done wonders for her! I will give it to her for about 3 minutes and she will chew on it and look really really relaxed and spaced out! After using it just for a few minutes she seems to be very calm for the next half hour or so! Shawn says they should make vibrating pacifiers which I think is a fabulous idea.  Anyone know if they do? If not, we could patent that...along with the money shorts! I forgot to mention earlier that Shelly, who brought the bag of great things for Zoya and us, also threw in some SHOWER SHOES for us! yay!!! I've never been happier to have flip flops :) Thank you again Shelly!  Shelly also brought a coat and snowpants for Zoya.  This was perfect timing as her 2nd orphanage coat wasn't working out so well...way too big and another broken zipper.  We took it with us tonight and it fit great! She looked like a fat little purple snowman! Those of you at home wondering clothing sizes...she is right between 12-18 months from what we have tried on her.  I will probably buy a few 12 month things and then mostly 18 month things for summer, as I'm pretty sure she'll be out of the 12 month size soon. 

Here is a picture of Zoya in her great purple coat with her great purple pants and her great taggy blanket that Shelly and her daughter made for Zoya.  Zoya really enjoys sucking and chewing on the tags on this blanket...and one side of the blanket is textured with bumpy soft fabric that is so cool!  It even has a little "RR" embroidered on it for Reece's Rainbow! This blankie is so special and I think Zoya is already attached!
Prayers are very much appreciated!


  1. What wonderful gifts! So glad you had another great visit with Zoya!!!

    Praying, praying, praying for miracles tomorrow!


  2. Praying for all of it...why not? Can't wait to meet my new neighbor! Liz

  3. I am so excited for your court date tomorrow. I understand from your postings, things are different, but really, expect you to wait for that many days to take her home after you have been there all this time, may God be with you and the judge so that he may see the goodness and understanding of why this baby needs to go home with her parents. It is Holy Week, prayers are double this week. Many prayers are with you each and every moment of the day. I am with you in thoughts and prayers tonight and in the morning. Looking forward to hearing promising words from you tomorrow. Love to youall, Debbie N.

  4. Prayers are being said for tomorrow...I am hoping to read that you got the best possible outcome!!!

  5. I realize you don't know me, but I would like to do send a small something special and pretty for Zoya as well, if you would feel comfortable with that. I understand if you don't. I sew, crochet, and knit. I would just need to know what you would really like for her, and where to send it, whenever you have time. :)
    My email is:
    website: (to show I am a real person!)

  6. Will be praying and praying hard!

    Hugs: )


  7. omg I am so excited for you guys. The end is in sight, and things are happening now. Prayers have been answered, now here's hoping God was listening to us and answers all of our other prayers for you all. God bless. Kris

  8. Janice Pulley-WelchMarch 29, 2010 at 10:25 PM

    Sarah and Shawn-
    I just typed this wonderful note and then lost it. Basically-- We are praying for you, Zoya, the Judge and the proceedings tomorrow. I pray that in this Holy week the Judge will show compassion to you as he sees the love that you have for Zoya and the true desire to become her parents on paper as you have been her parents in your hearts for a long time. We pray that the judge waives the 10 day wait and allows you to bring her home for Easter! What a joyous day that will be!
    See you soon.
    PS - to Shelley. Thank you for being so very helpful to Sarah, Shawn and Zoya!
    Love - Aunt Janice