Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day day closer!

We forgot that last night was daylight savings time in Ukraine.  We woke up at our usual time, which we soon learned was an hour late.  We rushed to get ready and went over to visit Zoya for our hour visit.  On our walk over Shawn says, "Ohhhh THAT'S what Tamara (lady whose house we are at) was trying to tell me."  He said last night she kept making a sign for sleep and then holding up one finger and speaking in Russian.  She was trying to remind us that we were supposed to set our clocks ahead.  At least we figured out what she was saying for once....although a little late!  I don't think the rooster here knows it was daylight savings time because he is STILL cock-a-doo-dool-do-ing! Anyways, now we are again 7 hours ahead of our friends/family in PA and NY area.  We got some cute pictures of Zoya today!
Here is a hat we brought from home for Zoya.  One of the ladies that works in the cafeteria at my school brought them in to sell...her mom made it! Doesn't she look like a doll?

This was Zoya's face the second after she hit her Daddy on the head with her rattle! I told ya she is gonna be a stinker!

We are going to print this picture for the judge along with the others we printed!

Her sweet little hand on my head!

Just hangin' out!

Here is a video of Zoya trying to do her belly crawl off the blanket.  She knows she has to stay on the blanket but thinks it is funny to try to crawl off the blanket.  I think the only reason she does it is to get caught! I LOVE her little giggle!
Here is a video of me tossing Zoya in the air...she loves it.  We were sure to do this out of sight of the caretakers...hehe.  She just loves it though!


  1. Good morning (make that afternoon for you!) from Michigan! :)

    It's always nice to be rewarded for waking up by seeing new pictures of Zoya!

    I love the picture of her in the cozy white hat! And the one of her and her Daddy is a keeper for sure!



  2. Like Tina, I love waking up to new pictures of Zoya! The one with her daddy and the one of the two of you,hanging out on the blanket....ah, both so precious. Still praying, Liz

  3. Sarah and Shawn,
    It's nice to see that they let you back in after letting that poor child sleep yesterday!!:) The picture w/ the hat is adorable. The caption should read "Really! You're messing my hair up! The video of you throwing her up in the air reminds me of when you were little Sarah. You used to love "flying". Take care. You are one day closer to your goal of bring Zoya home!
    Love, Aunt Janice

  4. Oh so cute! Always great to see another post! First thing I do every morning! She is belly crawling REALLY well for being cooped up so much at the orphanage!!! So good to see!!!

  5. Love reading your posts and seeing the new pictures and videos. Praying for you all.

  6. looks like you guys had a fun visit. that is funny about them asking you when you are leaving,bet they are getting tired of you letting her fall asleep lol I could just see them now talking about you guys haha it would be funny to listen to them talking about the Americans that would dare to let her fall asleep lol.too bad they cant talk to the judge they would tell heim to let you take her now so they dont have to mess with you anymore you big trouble makers lol lol.

  7. Love the videos, her crawl is oh so the giggles, she is just adorable. The pics are wonderful, and any judge should see that the love and caring does not stop at a country's border. Today is Palm Sunday, the beginning of holy week. May the judge feel God's love and be kind, forgiving, caring, and know the sacrifice you are making to have this child as your own. Prayers are two fold this week. Love to all of you, Debbie N

  8. Happy Palm Sunday! Always a pleasure looking at the pictures and videos. She is one happy girl!! And can't wait for Bryce Vanya and Zoya to meet and have fun with each other. We are still waiting on our fingerprinting appointment and of course we can't get ahold of anyone, but nothing in comparison to you all who are so close to leaving. Good luck tomorrow and Tuesday and sending you our thoughts and prayers. Kim & Tom Baumann

  9. I am in hopes that you will have good news in the next few days. Praying for good things to happen.
    I love all the great photos Zoya looks so happy now she just needs to go home.

    Hugs and lots and lots of prayers : )