Sunday, March 7, 2010

5 days to go!

5 days to go, 5 days to go, 5 days to go!!!! Getting so very excited! I have started packing just a little....and hope to get more done soon.  I did about 6 loads of laundry yesterday and today...some for Zoya's bedding and clothes and some of my own.  I cleaned her whole room (again) and organized her things (again) and still don't feel like I've done enough.  We've been organizing DVDs into the little DVD books and making sure our Ipods have all the songs and language mp3 files on them that we want.  We've been preparing things at the house for when we are gone. 

I spent yesterday running around picking up some last minute things (but I have a feeling this won't be the last last-minute trip).  I was worried because the cord that connects to the laptop from the camera to download the pictures had broke :(  The camera is a Sony and you can only order the cable online.  With only 5 days to go I knew we wouldn't get it in time.  So off we went to Best Buy thinking maybe we'd have to buy a whole new camera.  Did ya know they make a camera memory card reader that plugs right into the USB port? How cool!  I was so thankful to find that as it was only $20 as opposed to paying for a new camera.

I'm also spoiling my dog more than usual because I feel so bad that we are leaving her for so long.  She must know something is up with all the extra treats we're giving her because she has been extra snuggly lately. 

We are trying to decide what things we want to take for Zoya.  It is almost impossible that the 10 day wait will be waived but we don't want to be unprepared if it is waived.  We are planning on taking some toys to play with on our visits with her and some bubbles for all the kids in the orphanage.  We will take some baby benedryl and motrin and pedialyte just in case the wait is waived (that would be hard to find in region and I'd be nervous that we wouldn't buy the right stuff).  Most everything else she would need (like clothes, coat, formula/botles), we could buy there if the wait were to be waived.  We will probably wait to take the facilitator and orphanage staff gifts until the second trip.  If the wait is waived we could always buy them something there or ship the gifts we bought to them when we return home.  Again, the wait will most likely not be waived, but we have come to learn that God can move mountains and if that were part of his plan he could do it!

We have learned not to pray for what we want to happen on this journey, but rather to pray that we would graciously accept God's plan and be at peace with how He decides to execute it.  Would it be nice to have the 10 day wait wavied? Of course, because that would mean only one trip and we would save lots of money, but will it be okay if it is not waived? Absolutely.  Now, if we run into problems of any other sort (being there longer than expected, etc.), will that be okay?  I'm not going to lie.  I'm nervous about things not going the "typical" way they go for "most" adoptions.  No matter how things go, I'm hoping we will be at peace with it all, even if things don't go exactly as we planned.

5 days until we leave and about 10 days until we get to meet this angel!


  1. I hope that things go as planned, and that you have a safe and as stress free as possible trip! Good luck with finishing things up before you leave! Best of luck!!

  2. Thanks for the invite. Sharing your excitement.

  3. Ramping up the prayer for you as you prepare to leave on this very special journey. Just one more part of this life-long journey God has prepared for you. He knows and has prepared every step so rest confidently in Him. What an amazing adventure you are on as you invest your life in the purpose God has called you to. Blessings on you both. I am so proud to know you and be a little part of this grand and exciting birth story.

  4. Yes, I pray for you too that all works out without any glitches and if there are some that they are smoothed over quickly. What a special blessing it would be to bring her home the first it should be really! But yes, I pray for peace and patience for whatever the trip may bring. LOVE ON YOUR BABY and send special hugs and kisses to Sofia...gosh I wish I was going over there with you guys!!!

  5. I will pray that God waives the 10 days if He sees fit, thats what I have been praying for my own adoption. I also wanted to tell you about these eggs I heard about today. Hide em and find em eggs at most target, walmart and rite aids. They talk, they say come find me and other things like that. I thought my daughter would really like them since she is blind(and deaf but has hearing aides), but also though Zoya would get a kick outta them too. So I thought I would tell ya. Congrats again. be blessed. Still praying for our girls!