Friday, March 19, 2010

Evening Visit with Zoya

(Below I posted pics from our morning visit so be sure to scroll down and read that post first if you are just checking in now)

We just can't get enough of this sweet girl! Each time we visit her we feel more and more like we've been her parents forever!  While I was holding her tonight and patting her back she started patting mine!! Then while Shawn was holding her he was rubbing her back and she started rubbing his shoulder the same way! This girl has so much love to give and craves the physical contact and LOVES being held and snuggled and rocked.  She will just stop playing and reach up to be held all the time! I think we will call her velcro girl!  She has a care taker at the orphanage who she loves a lot.  This care taker loves Zoya so much and we prayed so hard that she would have somoene like this woman to show her love until we got there. 

They had a boy's outfit on her tonight that was too big with the same red shoes!
Here is what her shoes look like:

Poor girl in this outfit...even the bow didn't make this one work!

She just reached up and put her little hand on Shawn's face!

And here are her measurements....Rita, Jen, Julie O....can someone take these to a store with a tape measurer and see what size clothing Zoya will be? I'm thinking between 12-18 months.  When you figure it out email me or post it as a comment on here please....thanks :)  Then I can tell people what size :) 

Arm length from shoulder to wrist: 7.5 inches
Torso: 10.5 inches...pretty sure, I forgot to write this one down
Belly: 19 inches around
Leg length from hip to ankle: 10 inches.


  1. Hi Sarah,
    I will measure Joaquin and see how he compares to those measurements. Joaquin is 2 and wears 12-18 mos. so this will be a good gage :)! I'll write back as soon as I know!

  2. Just checked Joaquin and his arms are 8-9 inches, belly is 21 inches and his legs are 13 or I would safely say Zoya is 12-18 mos in size. Joaquin can wear anything from 12-24 mos with those measurements!!! Oh my gosh...I just thought there MAY be a chance that you will be leaving with Zoya when we arrive there....right?!? Or will you be long gone....I hope you are home with her by the time we get there but how cool if we literally crossed paths at the orphanage :)!!!!