Monday, March 8, 2010

4 days?!?!

For those of you waiting to travel wondering what it feels like 4 days before you leave to meet YOUR is a beautiful mess! Those are the best words I can come up with to describe these last few days before we leave! I have never had so many thoughts swirling around my head before.  I feel like I'm not even myself.  So for those of you who know me, if you see me from now until the time we leave, I will likely seem a little....ummm.....crazy?? As crazy as I feel, it is a beautiful feeling to be right here right now.  I've made myself just sit and be in the moment a few times this week which has helped a lot.  The anticipation is unbelievable! This is like being a kid on Christmas morning times TEN....maybe a THOUSAND!

I can almost put my work duties behind and focus only on the trip.  My last day of work is tomorrow.  Today my substitute came in to shadow me and let me tell you, its pretty darn hard to try and explain all of my teacher duties and all 20 student personalities/strengths/needs, etc. in ONE day! I am confident she will do well and I am also confident that come Friday, the day to day operations of my classroom will be the LEAST of my worries!

We started packing last night and I have a lot more to do in that area.  We still need to go to the bank, triple check our paperwork/important documents folder, and get a photo album together for the facilitators and orphanage staff to see. 

Tonight, I am redeeming my birthday gift (from July...LOL) and going to get a massage! That will be a nice farewell to non-parenthood.  I have a feeling once Zoya is here I will rather spend time with her than take time for myself!

If only Zoya could know that in such a short time her life will be forever will ours!


  1. I hope that you get everything packed and organized and STILL have some time to enjoy before the baby comes home! I am so excited for you, I can only imagine how you feel! Congratulations!!!

  2. Sara & Shawn,
    Know that many prayers and good wishes are with you for your journey this week. Zoya is coming home to wonderful loving parents..that is you!!! Have a safe trip and I can only imagine your joy when you set eyes on Zoya and hold her for the first time. Alice

  3. I get all excited and anxious just reading your post. Have a beautiful wonderful time. Be still in some moments over there if you can. I cant even begin to fathom what you are going through right now or what awaits for you. I cant wait til it is our turn to write what you are writing and feel similar feelings. Praying for our children and your trip.